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The issues fall into ten categories, listed here alphabetically.  This list is the consensus produced by the multi-group Stakeholders
Workshop held on 12/10/2016 and the Town Hall Meeting held on 1/12/2017.  



  • No community involvement in planning process.

  • The current planning process excludes meaningful public input.

  • The present culture of “exclusion” of citizens promotes apathy.

  • Community diversity is not reflected in today’s involvement in the process.

  • Citizens have little power to affect change.



  • Zoning ordinances inconsistently enforced.

  • Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) not being used as a tool in zoning matters.

  • The CLUP itself is not enforceable and yet ordinances are not being modified to reflect its vision.



  • Lack of attention to eco-environment.

  • No safe place for evacuation within Glynn County.

  • Communications with residents during evacuation need improvement.

  • Island crime increasing, but not being reported to citizens



  • Water/sewer capacity inadequate for previously approved development.

  • Defective traffic study and no road/traffic plan

  • Impact of development is disproportionately borne by residents versus developers.

  • Day trippers to SSI impact infrastructure without supporting it



  • Members appointed by all County Commissioners when only one County Commissioner represents SSI.

  • Inadequate training for IPC members, including how to work with legal counsel.

  • Overall processes need revamping to increase visibility and community involvement.

  • IPC does not have final authority re. planning/zoning decisions that affect SSI.

  • Legal counsel input/participation/advice is not respected or followed.

  • County continues to approve development without infrastructure to support



  • Promoted tourism is outstripping SSI’s physical capacity.

  • Development is not managed in accordance with CLUP.

  • Need to preserve the unique character of SSI.

  • County does not routinely take advantage of or use the CLUP in their decision making

  • Clear cutting is occurring rather than tree saving

  • Storm water impacts not being given proper consideration


  • Beach access points need to protect environment and be properly maintained.

  • Inadequate maintenance of government buildings, parks, trails and parking areas.

  • Roads are not properly maintained



  • No strategic plan.

  • Only update to the Comprehensive Plan since 2008 was in action plans, most of which were only deferred or ignored.

  • Lack of leadership.

  • Lack of trust between County government and community.

  • Plans must include the entire county, including Brunswick

  • Build out study for SSI completed, but not being used

  • An increase in the millage rate is being discussed even in the absence of a strategic plan

  • There are no “best practices” benchmarks to measure the performance of County staff and processes


  • Community not provided with information – residents must seek it.

  • Zoning matters appear to be decided before public hearings are conducted.



  • Outdated classifications; strictly use-based code; recent modifications have been weak/ineffective.

  • Ordinances fail to recognize uniqueness of St. Simons Island and is not what citizens want.

  • Lack of a tree ordinance.

  • An impact fee ordinance should be formally evaluated, not just discussed





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